Puritans for Pastors Project ​​

How would you like to send a THOUSAND Reformed and Puritan books to missionaries and pastors in Africa or India or Russia?

"Way too expensive!" you say, "That would cost thousands of dollars for the books and almost as much again for postage. Plus it would take weeks to buy the books, organize, package, etc."

What if I told you there was a way to do this for just a few hundred dollars and an hour or two of time? Imagine how much blessing for the buck you could give to these needy pastors and missionaries, and their congregations. Here's how in nine easy steps:

STEP 1: Sign up for an Amazon account (ideally a separate account from your personal account).

STEP 2: Buy an Amazon Kindle (I recommend the Paperwhite Kindle).

STEP 3: Buy an Amazon gift card for the amount of money you want to spend on books.

STEP 4: Go to this page and click on the books that you want to send.

STEP 5: Each link will bring you to the Amazon book page where you simply click on "Deliver to Kindle."

STEP 6: Repeat until you have spent as much as you want to spend.

STEP 7: Click "Synchronize" on the Kindle.

STEP 8: Send the truth-laden Kindle to a missionary or pastor you know.

STEP 9: Pray for God's blessing.

If you buy the basic Kindle and choose carefully in just the Collected Works, Select Works, and Commentary sections, you can send many hundreds of books with a Kindle for under $200.

If you'd like to bless an overseas pastor or missionary in this way, but don't know one, send me an email on Facebook and I'll send you contact details of one of the many faithful overseas pastors and missionaries that I know who'd make the most use of such a gift. And if you'd like to do this but feel it's a bit too techy for you, hang in there, because I hope to have a donation page set up soon so that people can donate to this project and leave the techy stuff to others.

Basically the list of books goes from complete works, to select works, to individual Puritan and Reformed books, to more recent classic books in the Puritan and Reformed tradition, to lists of books by individual authors. The lists are all in alphabetical order, by author surname then title. Also, if you want to send some modern books at low prices for Kindle click here.

And if you want to benefit from these books yourself but don't have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac apps and read them on your computer, smartphone, or Tablet.

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